Horoscopes for February

Zully Sosa, co-executive editor 


Pay close attention to what your friends are saying to you, Aries! Arguments are bound to happen during Mercury retrograde. True feelings will rise to the surface. Listen closely and only keep those who are supporting you. 


Big things are coming for Tauruses. Use this season as a tool for opportunities. People are recognizing your talents relating to your career. Aquarius is moving through your house of career and structure. Connect with people with similar goals and think long-term. 


As we approach the one-year mark of the pandemic, time is pushing you towards reflection. With Aquarius transitioning through your ninth house, you should reflect on your life as it helps soothe your mental health. Journaling or meditating would be great habits to start right now. 


You may find yourself feeling insecure in your decisions or close relationships right now. Whenever a planet goes into retrograde, it’s an opportunity for transformation. Mercury is pushing you to have hard conversations right now. Make sure you’re on the same page as everyone around you. 


Be careful making any long-term commitments during this Mercury retrograde, Leo. Any promises you agree to right now are more likely to backfire or end on bad terms. It could be businesses, romance or friendships. Everyone wants to connect with you; be selective. 


Schedule a self-care date with yourself for Valentine’s Day, Virgo! After working so hard during Capricorn season, you should shift focus back to maintaining yourself. Whether this means staying in bed all day or doing an extensive beauty routine, anything that makes you feel special is a top priority this month. 


With your fellow air sign ruling over the Sun and Mercury, the energy is very agreeable with you this month. Set aside time to let your creativity flow freely throughout the month. Try out new art mediums! However, focus on individual projects instead of collaborative ones while Mercury is in retrograde. 


This season would be a great time to redecorate your personal space as you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s your entire bedroom or just a bookcase, reconsider the details of your haven and keep what makes you happiest. Aquarius season is all about embracing your individuality.


Always be honest Sagittarius, but practice holding your tongue this month. Mercury in retrograde is the perfect platform for misinterpretation, especially as it’s in its own house of communication for you. Proofread any texts or online assignments to stay out of trouble. 


Did you join the stock market revolution last week? Be careful with any extra money made! Mercury is retrograde in your financial house, so now is not the time to play with money. Decide now how much you’re going to treat yourself with; lock away the rest. 


It is your season, Aquarius. Though you may have tendencies to isolate yourself, people are drawn to your energy this month and genuinely interested in your endeavors. However, Mercury (planet of communication, technology and travel) is in retrograde in your sign until mid-March, making it very influential on you. Make sure you’re allowing others space in conversations and arguments. 


Old relationships are looking for a reprise this month, Pisces! Retrograde is the literal reversal of the planet Mercury and it tries to bring conflicts back with it. You might hear from exes or old friends. You should hear them out, but remember why you moved on in the first place.