Cristian Mejia Montiel, features editor
Society is cracked with flaws that one Ignores
It is the start of a new war
One which doesn’t forgive 
I say to you all
Let’s live
It is not easy being a different breed
We are all seeds and we were born to shine 
I don’t mean to whine, but I had enough
Politicians you are not so tuff
Society will one day be restored
One that isn’t stuck on a phone
Ignoring the ones who we call home
Lost souls scattered throughout the world
Their job isn’t done, we are at war
Not the one you think, so I’ll let that sink
Paying for therapies because my thoughts are ahead of me
I call upon any brave soul
To let you know that your beauty lies underneath those painful holes
I must address the bleeding issues of society
There is racism, child exploitation, police brutality
If you support this, reconsider your mentality
You’re rotting away the opportunity for greatness
Your goal shouldn’t be to become famous
Let the chains of your wickedness be freed
All the things you do are feed with a touch of a magical potion called greed.
I must admit that politicians are sneaky
Finding manipulative ways to control society
This situation is getting fiery
It won’t last forever
I say to you all
It’s now or never
The war is crawling around us like a snake
Be careful of who trust
Especially politicians who are fake
I must address that evil never wins
But man the continuous growth of sins
Makes the moral compass ring
I hope you have reflected that the people must win
It’s a new revolution filled with fire
I know what you desire
I can feel that you need a hug
For your aim is to bring upon peace and love