Cristian Mejia Montiel, features editor
Your facade of love only deepens my wounds
Countless nights running with you
If only we can rewind through the endless times of your annoying whines
Telling me your list of insecurities
You might’ve thought that you broke me into pieces
As you had your inhumane reasons to move throughout the seasons
I remember our hearts colliding with each other
We were endless lovers viewing the glowing summer
It’s truly a bummer how you were too ambitious
Now I go around life seeing witches
Magical potions feeding me fake love
I hate that I don’t hate you
You are an amazing actor
I now stand alone with all this unbearable laughter
You ended up victorious just like you wanted
I know I’ll forever be haunted
All I ever wanted
Was for you to be my backbone
Somehow I am all alone
The rustling trees accompanied by an alarming breeze
You made my soul freeze
Bad blood is non-existent
As I persevere through life and I am resistant
I simply wished that your love was consistent
I’m a beautiful creation
That is filled with patience
Your encounter was truly contagious
Wherever you are no matter how far
Your love scarred my goey heart
We were dystopian art
Methods of letting go
Is what I am striving for
Disciplines in my core
This has become an endless war
A cycle of continuous falsehood
I forgive us both for as I know this wasn’t a simple chore
We were simply two distant lost souls
Wondering who in the world we can call home
It was a roller coaster ride
With its ups and downs and although time by time
I might front, I can never hate you
You were wrong
You were right
You were a beautiful poison that I couldn’t get away from.