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Artist Spotlight: Annika Henry

Photo of Annika with magenta dyed hair

Annika is a 4th year majoring in music therapy. She likes to write gay songs and has a coming-out song on Spotify! When she’s not working on music she likes to draw her Dungeons & Dragons characters, herself and her partner.

(Photo credit: Annika)

Crow: Colored pencil drawing of a pirate with a sword. There is a full-body drawing as well as two expression drawings to the side.
Wimby Breeves: Marker drawing of Wimby Breeves, Annika’s current D&D character. He’s an air genasi with a sword and shield.
Stardew Valley self-insert: Colored pencil drawing of Annika and her partner if they were in the game Stardew Valley. They are holding a Void chicken and a blue chicken. 
Porto Bello: Marker drawing of Porto Bello, a previous D&D character. He’s a little mushroom boi who craves vengeance and solitude.