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Artist Spotlight: Evan Sanden

Headshot of Evan, taken by Evan

Evan Sanden is a fourth-year music major at Augsburg. They are a freelance composer, musician and filmmaker. Evan has worked with a number of musical artists, including the artist violethead and poet M.C. Montague. Other projects include Baba’s Theory, a post-rock inspired duo with multi-instrumentalist Cooper Nettesheim, and All Available Chaos, an experimental electronic project with DJ and visual artist Ezra Bebop. They have helped edit, direct, and write a variety of short student films, as well as scoring several short films for director Erika Ranglova. Film projects of his own are released under Ink Wrecked Productions. Currently he is working on two solo musical projects as well as a collaboration with rapper Tofu.

You can find Evan’s music under Necessary Collective on Bandcamp, Spotify and most other major streaming services. For updates on current projects, follow him on Instagram @atoms_for_peas.

Photo of ziz immelman in a sunny room, edited
Photo of a glacier in Alaska
Still from a Necessary Collective music video