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Artist Spotlight: Kim Lindgren

Photo of Lindgren taken 1/21 by Nick Zuchowski

I am an artist and designer from St. Louis Park and drawing is my passion! Art is my way of communicating with the world. When I was younger, I would often draw things I couldn’t find the words for. I love to draw everyday and will spend as much time as I can doing so. I love to meet new people through the art community and I want to inspire people to follow their curiosity. My work is heavily influenced by psychedelics, graffiti and anything otherworldly. Follow my instagram @kimmyartco to see what new things I’ve been working on!




A skatin’ skull I designed for a sticker
My first digital skateboard design! These boards are currently in production and will hit my shop in June (available at
My most favorite things to draw: mushrooms! With my own twist – the addition of spikes to give them an extra edge
My first canvas painting, oil on canvas, 36x48in titled “Creativity” this painting is a look inside what goes on in my mind