Danny’s Dailies: Comic

Danny Reinan, news editor
Comic of 6 frames

Frame 1: A person (Danny) getting their COVID vaccine. "I got my second shot of COVID vaccine yesterday."

Frame 2: Danny with a bandage on their arm and lightning bolts shooting off from it to indicate pain. "I'm so excited about it! But I've been having some pains ever since."

Frame 3: Danny moving their arm to put on a button up shirt.

Frame 4: Danny cringes as lines and stars shoot off the band aid to indicate pain. "Ow! My vaccine arm!"

Frame 5: Danny's eyes widen as they realize what they said. Exclamation marks to the right indicate surprise or realization.

Frame 6: Danny's pupils are replaced with stars as they look at their bandaged arm in awe and delight. "MY VACCINE ARM!"