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Artist Spotlight: Kirby Gage

Photo of Gage taken fall 2021 by Skyla Woodhull 

Kirby Gage is a rapper, musician, producer, game designer and animator from Minnesota. He’s been surrounded by art from an early age, drawing and playing instruments almost his entire life. After years of playing piano, guitar and tenor/soprano saxophone, at age 16 he began writing his own music. When he came to college he took another step forward, teaching himself to produce music as well. He’s currently taking a break from his art, but his music remains available on all platforms. Check out his Instagram @kirby_gage and TikTok @kirbygage for updates.

Art, walking man, ink and paper/digital media
Photo of Art
Love, exploding flowers, ink and paper/digital media
Photo of Love
War, bird tied to grenade, ink and paper/digital media
Photo of War
Art Love War album cover, mixed media
Side B album cover, mixed media, being released soonish