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Artist Spotlight: Eva Mensing

A photo of Eva Mensing.

I am a senior at Augsburg, graduating this year with my Bachelors of Social Work degree. My passion is art in all forms and I have used it throughout my life as a form of therapy.I have used it as a way to practice mindfulness and gratitude after a stressful day or when I just want to reconnect with the feeling of creating. In recent years, I have loved experimenting with different mediums such as pottery, paper and bookmaking, cyanotype and linocut printing to name just a few. I am a huge advocate for the process behind art. Art is universal because you don’t have to be “good” in any term but your own. When I am able to create something I am proud of, it is one of the most rewarding feelings. I hope to one day incorporate art into my career and introduce others to the beauty of the process. 

The Process: This piece took me a few months because I would try to work on it for a short amount of time daily. It is one of my favorite pieces because it represents a lot of growth and the feelings I was experiencing each day I would work on it. Acrylic on canvas, 2020 (12”x9”).
Falling Leaves: Experimenting with spray paint using found flowers and leaves. Spraypaint on canvas, 2021 (18”24”).
Ginkgo Leaves: One of my favorite pieces from my paper and bookmaking class. I hand cut this ginkgo leaf stamp using linocut and created a pattern. Underneath is a layer of metallic watercolor going from green to yellow. Ink stamped on metallic watercolor, 2021 (6″x10″).
Color Gradient: This project was about blending color, I included the palette because I think it is more beautiful than the finished piece. Acrylic on handmade paper, 2021 (11”x8.5”).
Cyanotype print using found flowers and leaves, 2021 (10″x6″).