Ask Abi: Lonely in My Last Year

Abi Hilden, contributor

Dear Abi,  

Even though I’m a senior at Augsburg, someone who you’d expect to have a lot of community connections, I’ve found myself pretty isolated in my final year here. All of my friends from previous years have already graduated, and even though I’ve thought of a few people I’d like to get to know better, I’m too nervous to ask them to hang out. I think I’ve convinced myself that it’s too late to make new friends. How can I overcome my anxiety and approach these folks?  

Warmly, Lonely in my Last Year

Dear Lonely in my Last Year,

Thank you for the question! 

Everyone feels isolated at times, so even though it may seem contradictory, you are not alone in these feelings! Making friends is difficult, no matter if you’re a freshman or senior. Building friendships can be even scarier and harder than making new friends. The best advice I can tell you is to ignore those scary thoughts and reach out to the people you want to get closer to! 

You don’t have to dive fully into being “Best Friends For Life” or anything, but simply asking them to hang out is the easiest way to build the relationship. Chances are they want to get closer to you, too! My rule of thumb is if they don’t want to be better friends, then they wouldn’t really be good friends to have in the first place. If this still sounds a bit too overwhelming, a less scarier approach is to just start a conversation. Check in on them, see how their day is going, or even ask them their favorite color! The more you talk to them, the easier it will get and the closer you will be.

I hope this can ease some of your worries. Always remember: you got this!

With warmest regards,


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