Sheehan and Smith Lead MIAC as Football Dynamic Duo

Hayden Audette, contributor

The chemistry between players is one of the most important things a team can have. When multiple players are clicking together, this is often a recipe for success. Augsburg Football has been searching for team chemistry for the past several years, and that search has been successful, shown by their new dynamic duo. Quarterback Cade Sheehan and Wide Receiver Dominic Smith are each leading the MIAC in multiple stat categories. Sheehan leads the conference in passing yards per game with 277.8, and also leads it in passing touchdowns, with 18. That’s four more than the quarterbacks from St. John’s and Carleton have, who are tied for second on the leaderboard. 

“Every quarterback has a favorite receiving target, and quarterback Sheehan’s favorite target has been Smith.”

Hayden Audette

Every quarterback has a favorite receiving target, and quarterback Sheehan’s favorite target has been Smith. Smith is at the top of the receiving leaderboards in both touchdowns and yards per game. His nine total touchdowns are well ahead of second place, where nine players are tied with four. Two of those players tied for second are also Augsburg receivers, Josiah Ferguson and Braden Tretter. Smith isn’t leading the MIAC in total receptions, but he is sitting in second with 40, which trails only Macalester’s Rex Desso with 41. 

Smith and Desso will be facing head to head in the Auggies next game against Macalester, so the leading reception leaders will be competing for the top of the leaderboard in that statistical category in the same game.

These numbers from Sheehan and Smith are pretty impressive alone, but they’re even more impressive given that both of them are performing so well as only sophomores. This means that not only are we seeing two of the top players in the MIAC this year, but we could be seeing them play at this level for two more years after that. 

The individual statistics are great, but the whole team has seen positive results recently as well. Against both St. Scholastica and St. Olaf, the Auggies scored over 50 points and rolled to convincing victories. The following game had a far different result, with St. John’s winning 50-0, but the Johnnies are ranked 5th in the entire country for Division III football. With the combination of Sheehan and Smith, and the entire team winning a pair of blowout victories to start conference play, one thing is for sure: there are plenty of reasons to feel good about Augsburg Football right now. 

The Auggies will face Hamline University on October 23rd. The next games are very winnable for the Auggies and it will be key for their positioning in the MIAC standings.