Ride Free with the Bike Share Program

Genevieve Leali, contributor

Augsburg is always working on new, creative ways to tackle environmental concerns, and one of its most accessible programs is the Bike Share Program. This program is a student-led green initiative that offers Augsburg students, faculty and staff a free mode of transportation by allowing them to check out bikes the same way they would books. This incredible resource is possible thanks to the Environmental Action Committee (EAC), Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC), and Lindell Library staff. Unfortunately, not many Augsburg students are aware of the program and how convenient it is. 

Renting out a bike is super simple. You just head over to Lindell Library, bring your Augsburg student ID to the Circulation Desk, and you’ll receive a bike, helmet, and lock that’s yours for 24 hours. Lindell Library allows you to check it out for longer if you call to renew it. There’s no need for reserving the bikes ahead of time as they have only a few of their collection available for rent each day. There is even a range of bike sizes in order to make this resource accessible for as many people as possible. All of the bikes have fun superhero-themed names like Joker and Nightwing, each of their descriptions – both the bikes and the superheroes – can be found on Augsburg’s website. 

The bikes don’t have to replace other modes of transportation, but can also go along with them! Buses and Light Rail cars include bike racks, so you can take a break during your bike ride or use the bikes to get to stops. The University’s website even offers a transportation web page which provides information about nearby bike trails and where the bike racks are located on campus. On the east side of Christensen Center, there is a bike-repair station available with tools and air to pump tires that you can access while you are using a bike. All of these work to make biking more fun and less of a hassle.  

Biking is not only a mode of transportation, but it is an activity in itself. School is extremely stressful and demanding on students and physical activity is a great way to get yourself moving and feeling better. Going to school in the city means endless opportunities on what you can do with your time: from spending your free morning trying a new coffee shop or catching up on your studies or joining your friends to explore Minneapolis. Thanks to the Bike Share program, students are able to take full advantage of the beautiful city we live in and simultaneously play a role in working towards a more sustainable campus and world.