Students March to Stop Line 3 Pipeline

Olivia Allery, news editor

Students making posters at Murphy Square before joining protest, taken by Alexa Carrera

Last month, Augsburg’s Environmental Action Committee (EAC) joined other climate organizers in a rally organized by International Indigenous Youth Council – Twin Cities to march in protest against the construction and operation of the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota. Line 3 is now operational and carrying over 760,000 barrels of tar sands oil, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels, each day. This pipeline is constructed along the headwaters of the Mississippi river, and goes through Anishinaabe treaty sanctioned land.  

Auggies showed up in support of the protest and were ready to march. “Many members of AISA were present at the rally,” said Alexa Carrera, an EAC officer. “Lots of people showed up from Augsburg! So we did a really nice job at representing Augsburg there.”

EAC first hosted a poster making event in the Murphy Square before going over to Central High School in St. Paul, where the protest took place. This event allowed Augsburg students and anyone participating in the Line 3 protest to make signs to carry while protesting. After making the signs, the group then headed over to Central High School. 

The rally was lively, with over 100 speakers, dancers, musicians and protestors from organizations such as Climate Gen, Indigenous Roots and Climate Justice. “At first we started at the corners of Concordia and Lexington Ave in front of Central High School, there were speakers, people dancing, people playing the drums, and there were people talking about the creation of Line 3 and how we are all pissed at Governor Walz and Peggy Flanagan after they promised that there would be no more funding for the pipeline,” said Heldon Centellas, a second-year Augsburg student and participant of the protest. 

Line 3 is fully operational as of early October but still, activists are pushing for people to get involved in stopping Line 3. “Some things that Auggies can do if they were not able to show up to the rally are first and foremost to educate themselves on the issue.” says Alexa Carrera. 

“We are all pissed at Governor Walz and Peggy Flanagan after they promised that there would be no more funding for the pipeline.”

Heldon centellas

Many climate activists are calling to increase pressure on Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan to demand the shutting down of Line 3. They are also denouncing the banks that are funding the pipeline, including Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and CitiBank, with many focusing on calling the CEOs of these banks and demanding that they stop funding for the pipeline. 

Another way that Stop Line 3 activists are urging people to help is by sending donations to the Migizi Camp’s GoFundMe as they prepare to winterize their camp at the frontlines of Line 3. The Migizi Camp is a Two-spirit Anishinaabe led resistance camp of water protectors up at Line 3 as well as a community support and aid group. The GoFundMe will help in the purchasing of supplies for winter and increase bail funds for those who have been arrested protesting Line 3.