Kyle Rittenhouse’s “Not Guilty” Verdict Encourages White Supremacist Violence

Aiden Lutjen, contributor

After Kyle Rittenhouse’s first day of trial, I attempted to be positive, in hope that maybe our justice system would finally hear the people’s demand for fair justice in the result of needless, heartless violence.

How wrong and naive I was.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found “not guilty” on all charges. An obvious racist was just tried and charged with nothing after killing two people and injuring another with an AR-15 equivalent semi-automatic rifle – a weapon he consciously chose to bring to a protest of angry mourners, not to mention said weapon being designed to kill.

“He didn’t go there with an intent to murder someone!” Then why did he bring a semi-automatic deadly weapon as “self defense?” I would understand a pistol or something – but this 17-year-old at the time decided to bring an object of death with him to a protest… where he then marched with violent police officers and armed white supremacists. It’s a joke to try and defend this kid when he obviously had, at the very least, violent intent around a crowd of people. Don’t even get me started on the fact that it was loaded – the mere sight of a gun like that is enough to scare people off… but it’s also enough to drag lots of attention your way, ultimately causing quite the problem for you.

Which is the exact problem Rittenhouse ran into when one of his victims hit him with a skateboard and another two lunged for his gun, intending to take it away, as the sole survivor of this attack claims. Rittenhouse was posing an obvious threat to people around him, so three men decided to step in and do something about it. Two people ended up dead, the other injured and still suffering from the damage Rittenhouse caused to this day.

“He doesn’t care about the people he killed, hurt and affected by his heartless actions, he cares about himself and whether or not he’ll be able to hold a deadly weapon once more.”

Aiden Lutjen

Rittenhouse’s past actions reveal his obvious racism and intent to hurt. He was spotted in the front row of a Trump rally in January 2020. Rittenhouse’s social media accounts consist of Blue Lives Matter content and him posing with guns of different types. Rittenhouse fled from authorities after shooting his three victims, and a circulating photo showed Rittenhouse posing with some Proud Boys members in January 2021 (the Proud Boys are a male chauvinist, white supremacist organization recognized as an extremist group by the FBI).

Moreover, the trial was painfully biased in Rittenhouse’s favor, resulting in an inevitable and horrifying “not guilty” verdict. The judge, Bruce Schroeder, banned the use of “victims” when referring to the men Rittenhouse killed, allowing them to be referred to as “rioters,” “looters,” and “arsonists,” despite whether or not said victims even participated in the implied acts. Said judge goes on to yell at and criticize the prosecution multiple times while leaving the defense completely alone. A consultant of OJ Simpson’s trial was actually working with Rittenhouse and his attorneys. Schroeder allowed Rittenhouse to pick his jurors from a raffle drum at random, sparking waves of controversy and backlash from the public and legal experts, and also banned the use of multiple photos and videos used by the prosecution, despite their obvious significance. All jurors ended up being white, the single Black juror eventually being excused, completely erasing any racial diversity among the jurors.

With all of that said and done, all I can really close with is this: Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears during his testimony in his defense were not for his actions; they were not for his victims, or the families he has inevitably forever changed in one of the worst ways possible; they were for himself and his potential life in prison verdict. He doesn’t care about the people he killed, hurt and affected by his heartless actions, he cares about himself and whether or not he’ll be able to hold a deadly weapon once more.