Ask Abi: Idle in Isolation

Abi Hilden, staff writer

Dear Abi,

Do you have any advice for students who have to self-isolate during Covid? Such as any tips on how to stay motivated to keep up with homework despite being isolated, or how to keep up a routine/schedule while your life is interrupted, or just simply any ideas on how to pass the time in quarantine.


Idle In Isolation

Dear Idle In Isolation,

I totally understand where you’re coming from, as I personally know the boredom and stress that comes with COVID self-isolation. With rising case numbers, self-isolation is a very real possibility for many Augsburg students, so here are some of my tips to pass the time and stay on track with classes.

Keep a normal routine. Or, as normal as you can make it. One difficult part about isolation is finding motivation to stay on track in your classes, especially when you can’t attend them in person or on Zoom. So, my advice is to try to keep up with the routine you would normally have as well as you can. If you were waking up at 7:30 every morning for your classes, then continue to wake up at that same time even in isolation. Use the time that you would normally be in a class to work on the assignments you may be missing from that class. This way you keep your mind focused on your classes when you would be focused on them in your normal routine.

Dedicate a different space for school and a different space for relaxation. Being cooped up in the same place for a week or more, can make it difficult to differentiate between your relaxation times and your productive times. In order to combat this, dedicate one area of your living space (like a desk or table) for only working on school or work responsibilities and dedicate another space (like a bed or couch) for your relaxation activities. Holding to these specific spaces will help with motivation and keep your brain focused on the task at hand when you are in that space.

Video chat or talk on the phone with your friends and family. Not being able to see other people during isolation can take a hefty toll on your mental and emotional well-being. If you can, self-isolating at a family member’s house can ease this problem. If that’s not a possibility, giving your friends and family a call is another simple way to get social interaction. One thing that I enjoy is FaceTiming a friend and studying together, as then it can boost your social interaction and your productivity.

Above all else, take care of yourself. COVID isolation is stressful no matter what your situation is, so make sure to take care of yourself before worrying about classes and work and everything else that could stress you out. Watch a movie, read a book for fun, play video games or even scroll through social media. As long as you are taking care of yourself and making time for yourself in a healthy way, that is what’s most important.

I hope these tips help you and anyone else entering isolation in the near future. Stay healthy and stay safe out there.



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