A Conversation With Numb

Tayana Osuna, A&C Editor

I wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with the feeling numb, so I wrote what I think it would be like. In a way, it sounds like present day me talking to younger me. Through this poem I’ve learned that numbness isn’t something that we all share, that we all hold, it is something that grows the longer we sit in the dark, alone. Like a forbidden bacteria that scars us, forever.

Why hello there
How are you?
I see
Um, well
I am not good
Oh, don’t make that face
It’s okay 
It’s been like this for a while
So I’m rather numb to it by now
Are you there yet?
Still sad?
Still crying
Still tired, yet restless
That’ll change
Either it’ll get better as they say
Or you’ll end up like me
Oh, don’t be scared
That is just how it goes
Soon enough your heart won’t even be there
It’ll leave you for a happier soul
Because that’s what it craves
And when you don’t have any to offer
It leaves
Just like people do
And then you are left with nothing
You are left empty
Left hollow
Nothing but darkness

So enjoy it while it lasts, I guess
Relish in the sadness
In the anger
In the madness
Because one day, you’ll miss it

I miss it
And instead
I am numb
	Disgustingly numb
Oh, pity me, right?
Alright, I’ll see you soon, aye?
See you soon