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R&B From Augsburg Fills Acadia

Olivia Allery, news editor

Photo of Vinny Franco and his band performing at Acadia taken by Olivia Allery on Feb. 19

A recent show at Acadia, a bar and restaurant near campus, was headlined by third year music business major and up-and-coming singer-songwriter Vincent Rosa-Chavez. Going by the stage name Vinny Franco, he was accompanied by his bandmates; fellow Augsburg student Daniel Wahlstrom on drums, Lucas Wheaton on keyboard, Berkeley college graduate Jason Faye on synth bass, and Andy Salmen who plays the saxophone.

Franco and his band performed alongside three other local Minneapolis R&B artists; Morgan McCarthy, Ruth Maghanga and Puff. With all four artists, Acadia filled up quickly with fans, and was actually 24 people over expected capacity. 

Local Minneapolis R&B singer, Puff, performing at Acadia taken by Olivia Allery on Feb. 19

“It was really great!” said Franco when asked about the turnout. “It was my first time having a show over capacity like that, and I guess you would consider that ‘sold out’ but not really.”

Franco has been making music for years. “I started writing music when I was in high school,” he shared. “The first time I ever wrote a song, was actually for this girlfriend I had back when I was like 15 it was just like a stupid little song, ya know. But from there, I just kept writing and making music, you know, playing the guitar and singing.”

The singer further explained that he didn’t consider music professionally until he graduated high school, nor did he pursue R&B until then. But now, Franco is planning on furthering his music career to eventually make music full-time. “I just wanna be able to do this full time and get a bunch of shows going,” Franco said when asked what his goals are for his music.

“I also want to lift up the R&B community of the Twin Cities, because I don’t think there’s a big culture for it.” the performer stated. “R&B is an incredible style of music and there’s incredible artists around the Cities that make R&B music and I just really think they should have some recognition.”

Franco has a couple upcoming gigs in March to look forward to. On March 4, he will be hosting an artist showcase with 7000 Apart and Morgan McCarthy. This will be a smaller performance, but still a great opportunity for people to see and meet local artists of the Twin Cities. This will be at the Driftwood Char Bar at 9 p.m. and will be $10 per person at the door.

On March 19, there will be another bigger show with even more artists. Drey DK, who is a previous Augsburg student, Xina, another Minneapolis solo artist, and local band BloodLine, of which Augsburg student Daniel Walstrom is the drummer of as well, will all be featured in this show. It’ll be located at the Underground Music Cafe at 8 p.m. and tickets will be $10 per person.