I Stand With Ukraine

Ames Karstens, contributor

Russia invaded Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing. How did we get here? Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, had stated that Russia could not feel safe, develop, or exist because of a “threat” from Ukraine. For the past few days, the news has been everywhere on every social media platform – and for good reason. I firmly believe that the United States should stand with Ukraine, however, I’m not too keen on the thought of war. The possibility of another Cold War happening is sad, but Ukraine needs support, regardless of war.

When I found out about Russia invading Ukraine, I was sitting in my room, and oddly enough I found out through a TikTok. How something so small could contain such powerful information is beyond me. I remember double checking the sentence, and then immediately turning to my laptop, where it was everywhere.

I turned to my roommate and told her, and she looked back at me with concern. She asked, “What?” to which I repeated the news, and it sparked a flurry of research and conversation about how awful it is. It made me think about what position the United States would take. Our military is extremely strong, and I have no doubt that people will support Ukraine, but what about our president?

Pres. Biden has stated, “The world will hold Russia accountable.” Those words seemed to touch me a bit, and I’ve been supporting Ukraine ever since. Ukraine has stated that they are indeed receiving support from the United States, which makes me very happy. The United States should support Ukraine, not stand back and watch from afar, which originally is what I thought the U.S. was going to do. Many countries have been showing support; there have been protests, even one in my hometown. Brazil and other countries have begun providing “humanitarian passports” for refugees.

Most of Ukraine just wants peace. They don’t want their homes to be invaded by Russia. Ukraine is resisting, and they should. Why should they just let Russia in? This is their home, their place, and has been for years and years.

Most of Putin’s arguments and answers to the question of “Why invade Ukraine?” have been false and leading people off. He’s come up with many different answers, claiming that he wants to demilitarize and de-Nazify. He says that the country has been taken over by extremists.

What extremists, Putin? Where have you found any? This country is democracy-led and is run by a Jewish leader. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine honestly just seems like something he did on a whim – like there was no thought behind it, and it’s sad. For a while, he had denied any grievances with Ukraine, and then out of nowhere, he declared war. It’s just a shy excuse to get more territory.

And as for the people in Ukraine, it’s amazing to see them supporting each other in time of need. They’re donating clothes, blankets and anything they can to keep everyone going. The fight is not over, but they refuse to back down. Cities are coping and getting by with what they can. The world is with them.