Volleyball Team Was on Fire During Invitational Tournament

Alexa Martin, online publishing coordinator

Photo of Women’s Volleyball team in a huddle during their game on Sept. 9 taken by Alexa Martin

With fall sports kicking off, the Women’s Volleyball team hosted their first invitational tournament on Sept. 9 and 10. Four teams decided to set onto the court with the Auggies. The Auggies first played the University of Minnesota Morris on Friday, Sept. 9. The Auggies flew ahead in the first match of the game ending the match 25-12. However, the Cougars’ claws came out and won the second match 22-25, forcing the Auggies to play four matches in the game. This did not derail our Auggies; the team came back and won the third match 25-19 and the fourth match 25-21.

Before the next game could start for the Auggies, the fire alarms went off, forcing players, coaches and spectators alike to leave Kennedy and wait until the fire department made sure it was safe to get back to volleyball. Turns out there was no fire, but the steam from the women’s showers set off the fire alarms, leaving Augsburg students hoping that it would be a quick fix before it happened again. 

The next game was against the 2021 NCAA DIII National Champs University Wisconsin- Eau Claire Blugolds. Here was the game that everyone was waiting for: the Auggies versus the former National Champs. The student section for the Auggies was out and ready to show their support. The first match started out strong for both teams going back and forth, being nearly within three points of one another throughout the match. The first match ended in match point in favor for the Blugolds, 24-26. The Auggies came back in the second match with even more fight than the first match, winning 25-21. Entering the third match, the Auggies continued to play their game with composure and confidence even as the Blugolds closed the gap in the Auggies lead. Our Auggies turned up the heat and finished out the third match 25-23. Entering the fourth match, the energy in the gym was unmatched. The student section was on the edge of their seats waiting for the Auggies to bring home the win. The Auggies did just that by winning the match 25-23 and won the game!

The Auggies were back on the court on Saturday, Sept. 10. They first went against Wisconsin-La Crosse, taking home the win in three matches (25-23, 25-23, 25-19). The final game for the Auggies was against Pacific Lutheran University, where the Auggies won in three matches once again (25-12, 25-13, 25-21). 

The Auggies walked away from their invitational securing four wins and looking forward to the rest of their season with their heads held high and a fire in their eyes (and not in their locker room.)