Cooked With Care: A Review of Afro Deli

Annabella Castillo, staff writer

Abi Hilden, features editor

Photo of Afro Deli restaurant sign on Riverside Avenue taken by Abi Hilden on Sept. 19 

Imagine: it’s a cool fall night. You’ve just finished your last class of the day and you are ready to go home. All you want is a home-cooked meal, something warm and inviting to melt away your stress from the day. But you have a problem: you don’t feel like cooking. The solution? Afro Deli.

Just a short walk from Augsburg’s campus, Afro Deli’s newest location in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is a great option for anyone looking for a bite to eat. Their dining room is spacious with plenty of seating options, providing an atmosphere where you could grab a meal by yourself or get your friends together for a study session.

On their menu is something for every palate, from a kid’s menu to gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Even picky eaters can customize their food to their taste. We were able to try the chicken quesadilla with no peppers or onions, and it was fantastic. The chicken was juicy, not too spicy and tasted great in the quesadilla. There was also plenty of food—enough to save some for lunch the next day.

Another option on their menu that was pleasantly surprising was their AfroGreen House Salad. It featured a perfect blend of vegetables along with a tangy lemon dressing. By far one of the best salads either of us have ever had. The salad was not the only refreshing thing that Afro Deli had to offer. Their juice drinks hit the spot and are offered in a wide range of flavors including fruit punch and mango.

On their menu is a unique appetizer of sweet plantains. We thoroughly enjoyed them, as they were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and cooked to perfection. This was one of the highlights of the meal since you can’t typically find them on most restaurant menus.

However, the real star of the show for Afro Deli is their desserts. For those wanting something chocolate, they have an oreo mousse that is heavenly. The mousse was light and fluffy, with a delicious oreo crust to finish it off. We also got their tres leches cake, which was a great option for those who don’t like chocolate but are looking for something sweet. 

The price for two full meals including drinks, sides, and desserts, was comparable to that of any fast food restaurant. The thing that sets Afro Deli apart from the rest is the way that it makes you feel right at home. With pleasant workers taking your order and preparing your food, Afro Deli makes every meal with care. This is clear from the moment you walk in the door to the moment their food is in your stomach.

Afro Deli’s Cedar-Riverside location is located at 1810 Riverside Avenue and their hours are 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Make sure to stop in and have a meal made with care!