Review: Oasis: Mediterranean Grill has Options for Everyone

Luís Escobar, contributor

A new restaurant has opened in the Cedar-Riverside area, Oasis: Mediterranean Grill. Community members have welcomed the restaurant’s arrival since its recent opening in August. Oasis is a part of Midtown Global Market, a market that sells not just ingredients but crafts and dishes from around the world to give community members a taste of cuisine outside of their own communities. Oasis’ menu is anything but lacking in variety; there is a dish for just about any dinner craving, including a few great vegetarian options that taste amazing.

I ordered the combo plate, consisting of sliced beef and lamb prepared together, a chicken gyro and a fresh bed of rice with peppers, all served with a piece of warm pita bread on the side. Each bite was delicious, one after the other. The lamb, despite being thinly cut, was tender and packed full of flavor. The beef slices were each thoroughly cooked and seasoned which definitely packed an enriching punch. Each piece of marinated chicken was juicy, not a single piece over or undercooked. The price was worth every bite. 

Cassius Garnett, a fellow student who joined me for the meal, ordered another item on the menu, the chicken shawarma wrap. Marinated chicken was prepared with slices of local, fresh vegetables including lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion to taste, all wrapped within pita bread and served with fries as a side dish. He described the wrap as “tender, [giving] off a home-prepared taste.” Cassius finished his wrap quickly and without another word, as it was too delicious to put down. 

Finally, Jarrod Haus, another student joining us, ordered a vegetarian option. The falafel plate came with six pieces of freshly cooked falafel, a locally sourced side salad, a piece of pita bread and hummus. The falafel’s crispy exterior demonstrated the expertise of the chefs, with little oil leaking inside the falafel itself. 

“It’s good to know what’s being put into my food and seeing it prepared myself,” Haus said. “Seeing fresh and cleaned produce [and] seeing vegetarian options being given was definitely comforting.” 

Oasis has perfectly crafted not just their food but their environment and restaurant as well. The restaurant is small inside yet makes you feel at ease with the vibrant and simple murals painted on the walls. Being able to witness the chefs cooking your meal, and witnessing how connected the community is within the restaurant’s walls, makes such a unique and hospitable experience. 
Oasis: Mediterranean Grill is located at 1939 S 5th St, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Cancel your dinner plans and have a fantastic meal at Oasis today!