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Artist Spotlight: Vinny Banks

Hello, my name is Vincent. I am a self-taught artist that has been seriously drawing and creating art for three years now. What got me into my art was playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. I would visualize the world that a friend of mine made, and it motivated me to want to create a comic for the campaign. Sadly I still haven’t made that comic, but with that slight push I dove head-first into the art world and went down the path of creating paintings and comics. What inspires me are the unexplained emotions people get from time to time. I went through a period of my life where a lot of the emotions I had felt like a jumbled mess of everything. Drawing and painting have become a good outlet for me to express those unexplainable feelings in works of grotesque and horror. My goal as an artist is to leave the world with stories that have made many people feel something. 

I have been busy with college and have not been able to complete art at the pace I would like but I try to create something whenever I can!

I am on Instagram, @v0ncent, where you can go to see all of my work.