Athletics Department Seeks Improvement Project Fund

Bobbi Evers, contributor

As Give to the Max Day on Thursday, Nov. 17 nears, Augsburg’s athletics programs have kicked their fundraising campaigns into high gear. Give to the Max is a fantastic way for athletic departments across the nation to raise money for equipment, new or renovated facilities, trips and anything else a team could deem necessary for the following season. For our athletic department, this program gives Augsburg the opportunity to better athletics as a whole through the donations to our Auggie community.  

The Augsburg athletic department is fundraising this year for “the third phase in their three-phase Improvement Project,” as athletic director Jeff Swenson described it. This project involves renovating the men’s locker room to feature separate rooms, as well as updated facilities for the men’s teams. The first two phases of the Improvement Project were the construction of the Sports Medicine Center and the renovation of the women’s locker room this year, both of which were entirely funded through donations. The men’s locker room project is currently at 0% of their 125,000 dollar goal. Construction is set to begin in May 2024. 

Some argue that the improvement of these facilities are unnecessary, but in reality they are needed. Locker rooms are an essential aspect of sports, as they are where athletes have time to have one-to-one conversations and bond as a team, as well as being able to have a clean and safe place to keep their possessions while here at Augsburg. 

What are our individual teams fundraising for? The goals of the teams this year are extremely varied but all are necessary in providing the best experiences and opportunities for Augsburg athletes. For those who are interested in donating or just learning more about their projects, here are some of the things Auggie athletes are fundraising for. 

Some Augsburg athletic programs are fundraising for trips to compete or play during spring break. The womens basketball and softball teams are two examples of teams that are raising money for trips. Other programs are asking for donations for much needed new equipment for the following year, like the football team fundraising to get new shoulder pads and helmets. The mens hockey and baseball teams would like to fundraise for their overall season costs. Augsburg’s nationally renowned mens wrestling program is fundraising for their highly anticipated NCAA Team National Championship, and the track and field teams are asking for donations for facility rental, as Augsburg does not have facilities for them to practice in. 

With each fundraiser, there is an opportunity to support Augsburg athletes and also support the university as a whole. To contribute to the athletic department’s fundraising efforts, you can visit Augsburg’s “Giving to Augsburg University” page on their website or go directly to the Give to the Max official site.