Poem: I am Enraged

Tayana Osuna, arts & culture editor 

Write her happy

Write her nice

Maybe give her a boyfriend, a husband even

She should have kids, oh write her with kids

Write a good mother

A nice mother

An understanding mother

A loving mother

I sit and I stare at

This god awful screen

With only a heading

A name

And a pathetic kid

A sad kid

A kid filled with anger 

With pain

Kid doesn’t even know how to tie their own shoes yet

What is wrong with me?

Why can’t I write happiness

Why can’t I write joy

Why can’t I write 


Why can’t I just


The things I need 

The things no child should be without

Why have you spoiled my image of what life is

Of what life can be

Why have you left me staring at this

God awful screen

With nothing nice to say

About you

About myself 

I am this blank


Empty page

And you

You the author

You left me blank

You left me lifeless