Poem “keeping my Body”

Abi Hilden, features editor

look at me

i am naked

Skin exposed to the open air.

Bruised black and blue, scarred and torn.

Tiger stripes masquerading as stretch marks on my stomach.

Freckles like angel kisses, lines forming my fingerprints.

My face is wrinkled from laughing too much and frowning too often.

Naturally pink and rosy are my cheeks.

Bright baby blue eyes 

Hidden behind gray clouds 

Hidden behind my glasses.

Copper penny colored hair cut above my ears.

Short fingernails, chewed off in an anxious fit.

Weight on my thighs







sometimes i wish i could get rid of it all

but without it, am i still me?


i keep my Body and i keep myself

I originally wrote this poem about three years ago, when I was dealing with a lot of body image issues. Since writing it I’ve still dealt with those issues, but I’ve worked a lot on healing how I view myself. So, I’ve made some edits to it that I think reflect more of the positive light that I try to view myself and my body in nowadays.