Poem “This Title is for You:”

Stacy Cardenas, contributor

The boys of winter 

Bring dry spring

New edition, welcomes change

The Women of America 

Ignite summer.

You are our summer. 

We are inspiring 

We are champions 


We are endangered species,

Some downhill wonders. 


We are Queen, and like a rolling stone

We are songs that changed the world. 


Share your passion 


Say it loud

As I scream through my words

to Women. to You. 

You sparkle, we shine. 

We learned to embrace our summer light 

All thanks to you, forever bright. 

This is a poem I wrote back in high school that was used as a preface to this class poetry book we gifted our literature teacher after she came back from medical leave. I wanted the theme to be highlighting the power of femininity once we found out our teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer. What inspired this poem was an activity we did where we’d go read the book titles in the library shelves and use it to make poetry.