Augsburg Eagles Spread School Spirt Through Dance, Cheer, & Song

Photo of the Augsburg Eagles

taken by Travis Alajoki on March 6

Travis Alajoki, contributor

Give me an E-A-G-L-E-S! What does that spell? Eagles! Feeling the school spirit? So are the Augsburg Eagles, a new team on campus dedicated to cheering on our athletics teams.

The Augsburg Eagles was created by a group of students due to a lack of school spirit during Augsburg sports games. According to Vice President Maya Miller, the new student organization wants to evoke school spirit through a unique blend of dance, cheer and song.

“Our main goal of the Augsburg Eagles is to spread school spirit and excite the crowd during games. We wanted a cheer squad, someone to cheer on the teams from the sidelines,” said Miller.

Although they haven’t had a chance to perform at any games quite yet, the Eagles are still preparing by holding practices in Si Melby gym. During practices, the group warms up with stretches and then uses the rest of the time to rehearse their cheers and dances.

“Right now we are working on chants so that when we are on the bleachers or the sidelines at games, we can have chants and cheers prepared. We will basically be at almost every game, cheering on the teams,” explained Miller. “We plan to start being at lacrosse games once we get uniforms. We also want to start doing halftime performances which will consist of dance routines.”

Although their future performances may sound professional and a little intimidating, Miller explained further that the group is low stress and encourages anyone to join if they are interested in dancing or cheerleading.

“If you are nervous about cheer, it’s not what you think of when you think of cheerleading. We are doing a lot of different things,” said Miller. “It’s fun and no pressure if you can’t make it to every practice. It’s [also] not a huge commitment because we are just here for fun.”

Keep up with the Eagles on their brand new Instagram page, @augsburgeagles or find them on Auggie Life! Give me an S-P-I-R-I-T! What does that spell? Spirit — which the Augsburg Eagles are bringing in droves!