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Film Major Nominated for Upper Midwest Emmy

Percy Bartelt, Staff Writer 

Interested in making short films or documentaries? Made some in the past that you want to show to the world? There are film festivals for you! 

One of Augsburg’s very own film majors, Savanna Gorbunow, was nominated by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: the Upper Midwest Emmy Chapter for the Student Crystal Pillar Award and Student Production Award for her directorial role on her short film “Dead Calf” with the help and advising of film and new media professor Raven Johnson. Gorbunow’s work is loved by all, both inside and outside the film department. She has a unique eye for an eerie and thrilling aesthetic that is effective at creating intriguing works of art, and her hard work definitely pays off. After having classes with her myself, you can always tell when it’s going to be an amazing Gorbunow short film from the other excellent creators here! 

Augsburg’s film department has many resources you may need as a creator, specifically with the visual arts, whether it be digital or traditional film. If you need filming equipment to use on set, animation resources, new media resources or any sort of guidance on the act of creating any of the film and new media professors can help. They can even connect you with external contacts in the Minneapolis film and media scene. All professors implore you to submit your work to as many film festivals that apply or appeal to you! Augsburg even has discount codes to either completely waive or decrease the price of submitting your work to festivals: just talk to a film or new media professor.

With the help from the NATAS, specifically in the Upper Midwest area, you can get the recognition your work deserves and could even win awards for your work! NATAS proudly sponsors universities across the upper midwest and nominates a select number of both high school and college filmmakers. No matter the subject you create– documentaries, short films, news stories, sports commentaries– you can win awards and recognition for your work, which can lead to more media opportunities in your future! Augsburg is also proudly sponsored by NATAS and with generous funding from them is able to buy and upgrade more equipment for the film and new media department to use to its heart’s content. 

A huge congratulations to film student Savanna Gorbunow for her incredible and hard work to create such an amazing short film and her nomination for the award with NATAS! Keep creating: we can’t wait to see your work on the big screen! And lastly, if you have work that you’re thinking about showing– get them out there! Submit to film festivals!