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Important Talks on KAUG Radio: Chance Reiniesch

Percy Bartelt, staff writer 

Augsburg students have always been a crowd with strong opinions and even stronger passions for causes that they care about. From orchestrating protests — both inside and outside campus — to amplifying important voices and stories that need telling to the public, and even helping build a strong community. One of the ways students have been able to achieve their goals is through the media, one of which being KAUG radio here on campus. 

Film major and musician Chance Reiniesch started his own radio show with KAUG titled “Culture Collective,” where he and a varying number of guests facilitate engaging and powerful conversations about various creative communities throughout the Twin Cities, specifically looking at these topics through a “leftist, queer lens,” as stated by Reiniesch. When asked why he started the show, Reiniesch went on to state, “[It] was partially as a creative outlet, as well as a way to uplift underrepresented voices and local artists.”

Most, if not all, of Reiniesch’s guests are artists themselves across all types of mediums and located all over the Twin Cities, some of whom are close friends and/or collaborators of his. He emphasized the reason for choosing the guests was not only for their personal connection but for their differing perspective and the genuine belief of its importance to a public circuit. Reiniesch himself is an artist of different mediums: a popular filmmaker within the film department, an amazing musician and now he can add radio show host to his list of artistic titles and feats. 

Reiniesch also noted that a radio show is certainly different from other artistic mediums that he’s used to create his very personal and vulnerable art. However, KAUG was still an excellent place to express himself, his values and philosophies, as well as speaking with others that have their own outlooks and perspectives. He stated, “It allows me to have academic and informed conversations about the crafts I am so passionate about in an effort to further advance the field, beyond the work I do in those mediums.”

Like Reiniesch explained himself, a radio show like this is a necessity when it comes to uplifting voices that otherwise wouldn’t have been heard, raising awareness to certain topics within the Twin Cities art community and even shouting out local artists that deserve to have their works recognized by a wider audience. Artists support other artists, activists support their passion and Chance Reiniech combines the best of both worlds. 

Coming this Tuesday, April 18 at 6 p.m. will be Reiniesch’s final segment where he will be talking about Minnesota Jewish art and the community surrounding that topic, so tune into KAUG’s Twitch channel to watch the conversation live! Lastly, Reiniesch thanked KAUG for their help and implored everyone to start their own radio show, should they feel this same passion: “I’ve been very lucky to feel so safe in facilitating intimate conversations. My advice would be to choose a topic or segment  that you both feel passionate about and have the agency to talk about. Be true to yourself!” Wise words from beloved local artist Chance Reiniesch!