Poem “Meteor Shower”

Cassandra Hagen, features editor 

The stars fell on a November night 

When I was busy finding Saturn in the sky 

One by one they flew in bursts of light 

Just momentarily catching my eye 

They’re just fleeting arcs of light, 

Trajectories predestined in the sky, 

Brought here when time and time and time, 

Decided to pass it’s way by 

But it’s temporary, ephemeral moments 

That leave my breath caught in my throat 

Thought lost and away from me for once

If I’ll see if again I won’t know

The rain trickles down, fast, then slow 

The clouds hide the stars for a while 

A wonder has slipped its way out of my grip

But I have nothing to do but smile 

I wrote this when I was younger during a meteor shower in my hometown. I still remember how mesmerized I was because of it, staying outside until it started raining in order to catch a glimpse of the falling stars. It’s still one of my favorite memories.