Why you should write for the Echo


In an age where free speech around the world is under attack, there is one place that protects any rational opinion, well-thought-out idea or view of the world: journalism. Journalism, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is “the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media.” Have you ever thought that this could be you?

The Echo provides a place where Augsburg students can put their ideas into words, and truly be heard by students, faculty, and staff all around campus. Whether it’s through writing about happenings at Augsburg, Minneapolis, Minnesota or around the world, there are always news pieces that lead the writer to interesting events, research topics, and enlightening interviews.

If you’re a more impassioned student, the Opinions Section is one that is always looking for diverse ideas and unique viewpoints.

If you don’t feel like news or opinions are for you, there are always athletic events happening on or off campus that we cover. If you are not interested in sports, our Arts & Entertainment Section is always in need of a good review or critique, whether it be a musical event on campus or a movie you saw on Netflix. If you still don’t think you’re qualified for the Echo, the Features Section looks for artists to display their work and a newspaper needs pictures, so photographers are also needed to make out paper the best it can be.

If you don’t think you’re a good enough writer for the Echo, you’re wrong; we value the quality of ideas over the quality of writing. That’s why we have a team of editors who make it their top priority to make your ideas polished and ready for print. An article doesn’t need to be sent in as an already finished product; if it did, we wouldn’t need editors at all, and that would put me out of work.

Still not convinced? The Echo will pay you to write for us. So not only does this look good on a resume, but it will sharpen your writing skills and pad your wallet with some extra cash. The Echo meets almost every Friday during chapel down in the Auggie’s Nest, and we make plans for who will be writing what articles for the week.

Whether it’s news, sports, opinions, A&E or features, The Echo can help you find your place in the world of writing, journalism and free speech, while mak- ing some money to make your campus a better place.