Auggie at a Glance: Aaron Wilson

Joe Rydel, Sports Editor

The Augsburg Wrestling program has a rich history of excellence, both on and off the mat. One member of the team that exemplifies this quality is Aaron Wilson. Wilson is a 2015 graduate of St. Francis High School and is currently wrestling at 149 pounds for the Auggies. I had a chance to sit down and talk to Aaron this week about his wrestling career.
Joe Rydel: How did you get started wrestling?
Aaron Wilson: I started wrestling when I was in kindergarten. The school handed out flyers about the youth wrestling program, so my eldest brother and I decided to give it a try.
JR: What made you decide to come to Augsburg?
AW: Augsburg has a long-standing tradition of excellence when it comes to wrestling, so it was an easy choice for Alex and me. We were really looking for somewhere that we could be a part of something greater than ourselves and leave our mark. Augsburg has been the perfect place for that. Augsburg is also not too far from home, so that made the decision even easier.
JR: What is one thing you hope to accomplish as a team before you graduate?
AW: As a team, the goal is always to win a national title. With the guys we have now, I know we can do it.
JR: How has the coaching staff impacted your experience?
AW: The coaching staff here has made all the difference when it comes to my experience. I couldn’t ask for better coaches. They have totally transformed my wrestling, taking Alex and me to the next level. We wouldn’t be where we are without Jim and Tony. Beyond the mat, they make sure we are suceeding in the classroom and in life as well.
JR: What is it like being on the same team as your brothers?
AW: All the guys on the team are my brothers, but being on the same team as my identical twin is one of the coolest things. Always having someone there who always has my back is great. We are pretty much inseparable, so I couldn’t ask for anything better.
JR: What is your pre-match routine?
AW: My pre-match routine is very simple. Before every match, I always do the same thing. I start by jumping around to warm up, and then I do footwork drills to get my feet moving. I also stretch my legs out a ton to loosen them up. Then about ten minutes before I wrestle, I run sprints to make sure I am warmed up.

This article first appeared in the Friday, February 9, 2018, Edition of The Echo.