Not your average joe

Cait Olson, Staff Writer

Not too long ago, I had written an opinion on Einstein’s coffee and service with the general theme being that it’s very subpar. Now I’m happy to write again on a new and much improved cafe on campus.
Today I walked into the Hagfors center under-caffeinated and looking for a fix. The coffee shop can be found on the second level to your right as you come up the stairs from the main entrance. If you haven’t seen already from Auggie instas and snaps, the cafe is actually really cute, and the paper cups make you feel cool. In a world of Vicinity cafes and Spyhouse Coffees, this isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, especially on a small college campus.
Sadly, the expensive espresso machine broke right before I showed up, and I was forced to buy brewed coffee. But this coffee not only tastes way better than Einstein’s coffee; it is also organic, fair trade and the proceeds go to better the community. The beans are from City Kid Java which has its home campus on Lake Street and aims to give children in the community a better future. With the beans roasted locally in Minneapolis by B&W Specialty Coffee Co., you’re helping out a local business. Oh, and did I mention that both the espresso drinks and brewed coffee is cheaper than Einstein’s? I may not need to make the trek to Starbucks anymore.

This article first appeared in the Friday, February 9, 2018, Edition of The Echo.