Mother Nature gives Auggies the cold shoulder

Joe Rydel, Sports Editor

As has been proven time and time again, Minnesota’s weather can be incredibly unpredictable. However, there may not be a more drastic example of unpredictability than this spring. We have seen huge amounts of snowfall, sleet, cold temperatures and pretty much anything else that goes along with what we used to think of as winter. The poor weather conditions across the region have made it very difficult for both high school and colleges to go about their spring athletic schedule in a normal matter. The effects are definitely being felt by Auggie athletes across campus.

Augsburg Baseball is set to play a 40-game regular season schedule when all is said and done. By mid-April, the schedule is typically over halfway done. As it stands now, the Auggies are off to a 8-6 record with two incomplete games against the University of Wisconsin-Superior and 12 games that have either been postponed to a later date or canceled completely.

Auggie Golf has not had any competition since they returned from their annual spring break trips. As with many other sports across campus, they face a plethora of postponed tournaments and canceled events.

Augsburg Softball is playing host to many teams in the MIAC, wishing to avoid postponing an important series. Teams are playing double headers in the Edor Nelson Field dome whenever they can find time, as outdoors is clearly not an option.

Track and Field is waiting patiently for an opportunity to compete within the MIAC.  With chances to reach conference and national qualifiers becoming fewer and fewer, the athletes are busy honing their skills inside of the dome rather than outside at meets.

With the weather being what it is, the Auggies are busy developing and practicing the skills they will need for later in the season. As always, updates and announcements are available on the Augsburg Athletics website.

This article first appeared in the Friday, April 13, Edition of The Echo.