Quiz: Which ECHO editor are you?

It’s time to work out and get swole! What do you do?

  • a. I go for a very, very long run.
  • b. I sit down with a nice book. I’d prefer to get mentally fit.
  • c. I get out my bike and cycle around the city.
  • d. I go to the gym and lift weights, then I watch anime while riding the exercise bicycle.

Which of these sentences is correct?

  • a. Please give me fudge, red velvet, and other types of choclate.
  • b. Please give me fudge, red velvet, and other types of chocolate.
  • c. Please give me fudge, red velvet and other types of chocolate.
  • d. Please do not give me fudge, red velvet, and other types of chocolate.

Do you have psychic abilities?

  • a. No! Those don’t exist! Stop being silly!
  • b. Um, absolutely! Yes! I totally do!
  • c. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.
  • d. I do, but only to come up with silly predictions.

Which “Echo” section is your favorite?

  • a. I love all the sections equally!
  • b. Opinions
  • c. News
  • d. Features

What’s your most recognizable feature?

  • a. sick flow.
  • b. My nerdy glasses.
  • c. My cold, intimidating glare.
  • d. My cool goatee and soft-grunge aesthetic.

What do you think about this quiz?

  • a. You’re fired, Kelton. No, don’t print that.
  • b. I hate it. It doesn’t represent me.
  • c. (silence)
  • d. I think it’s the best quiz ever!


  • Mostly A: You are Ryan Moore, editor-in-chief. Your goofy, chaotic, yet dad-like personality keeps everyone afloat, albeit in a somewhat turbulent way. You’re always willing to stir up trouble but only when trouble needs to be stirred up. Keep livin’ easy and livin’ well.
  • Mostly B: You are Gabriel Benson, copy editor. You are someone that others can rely on for your charming personality and deep knowledge pool. You can also be relied on to correct people’s grammar, which can get to be a bit much at times, but we all really need it. We do.
  • Mostly C: You are Abby Tetzlaff, managing editor. You are a highly competent overachiever whose diverse talents are sometimes a little scary. You have a good heart, though, and do a lot for those around you. Keep achieving!
  • Mostly D: You are Kelton Holsen, features editor. You’re a total weirdo but also a cool person. You might be a bit prone to worrying, but you’re doing fine. Although you may be a bit of a wild card, you get things done efficiently. Basically, you’re a walking paradox having a good time.

This article first appeared in the Friday, April 20 Edition of The Echo.