Review: Peace Coffee

Preston Peterson, Contributor

  • Atmosphere: *****

Peace Coffee has two locations: one in Government Plaza downtown in Capella Tower and one near campus in the Longfellow Neighborhood. The Peace Coffee in Longfellow has a fun hipster vibe that makes it a cool place to visit. This coffee shop is quiet enough for conversation but has enough ambient noises to not be awkward; it would be a nice spot to sit down and work on your laptop. Also, they have a giant disco ball hanging over part of the seating area, so that is obviously a plus.

  • Coffee and Beverages: *****

During this visit, I got their Pollinator blend coffee as a pourover. Pollinator blend is a light roast that has hints of citrus (orange maybe?) and honey. It is a slightly bright coffee, but thankfully it doesn’t slap me in the face with sourness; I hate it when that happens.

  • Price: ****

Peace Coffee isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny. The pourover I bought cost me a bit more than it would have at Starbucks; however, I am getting 100% fair trade and organic beans here at Peace Coffee. Also, Peace Coffee has high ethical standards and good products that make it worth the money.

  • Overall Rating: *****

Peace Coffee Longfellow has impressed me and makes me want to hang out here in the future. Also, did I mention the disco ball?

This article first appeared in the Friday, April 20 Edition of The Echo.