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Booker Coplin to receive endorsement deal from Tide

Dominick Ingram, Prefers Bounty over Tide

The Augsburg men’s basketball team definitely impressed this season as they were lead by National D-III player of the year Booker Coplin. The junior lead the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in scoring, rebounds, assists and steals. Coplin set Augsburg’s single-season school records for both points (784) and points per-game (28.0), set by Devean George in the 1998-99 season.

But he also broke an unusual record: loads of laundry done during a single season. Coplin became a master behind the machine, washing approximately 23 loops of laundry every time. Coplin said, “Yeah, I’m doing the dirty work. Helps get some extra money, try and pay for school a little bit.”

With all the buzz surrounding Coplin, the CEO of Tide laundry services, David Taylor, has reached out on an endorsement deal worth up to 1 million flex points as well as a free lifetime lease on the top floor of Urness Hall. David Taylor in a recent interview stated, “We recognize the rules regarding sponsorships and endorsements when it comes to collegiate athletes, so we are hoping a deal can take place when he graduates. I hope he knows we are always hiring.” Coplin will have the Nabo menu and Einstein menu memorized quickly with all the flex points points, and the free lifetime lease in Urness Hall are set to begin when Coplin graduates.

This will be the first time in Tide’s history that they will have an athlete represent their brand. Tide is also talking to LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Mike Trout along with Coplin for possible deals. Tide CEO David Taylor stated, “We need to make doing laundry cool again. I hope with this group of guys we can get the job done.”

This article was originally published in the April 5, 2019 issue.