I’m Okay

Alex Thurston, Contributor


I’m okay, 

At least that’s what I seem to say, 

I’m okay,

Because I expected to feel that way.

I’m okay, 

Because I know I don’t want to bring you down, 

I’m okay, 

But sometimes, that’s not what I need to say. 


But what can I do but say I’m okay, 

Because I’m afraid, 

Of what you’ll say, 

I don’t wanna be cast out


If I don’t say,

That I’m okay, 

Then you won’t let me help you,

You’ll stop talking to me, 

And I just can’t have that be. 


Simply because, 

I need to help to feel, 

A little more okay.


Why is it so hard to say, 

I’m not okay, 

And I can’t remember a time I didn’t feel that way.

I’m not okay,

And I think I may never be


For a long time now, 

I wanted to break down these walls,

For a long time now,

I’ve wanted to throw myself in your arms, 

And just sit there,

And make the world go round. 

I want to be in your arms,

Squeezing tight,


Because you make me okay, 

But I guess that’s over now, 

But it’s okay


This article was originally published in the November 8, 2019 issue.