Arts & Culture

An Anthem

Yamileth Flores, Contributor 


There was a soccer game today

and Mexico was playing

their national anthem. 


I’m eating dinner with my parents

and the mood of my mama changes.


She says, 

I avoid the national anthem. It reminds me how far I am from my home country. I am miles and miles away. I wish I could hear it in Mexico if I could. But if I go, we both know that I won’t be able to make it back. No matter how hard I tried.


I took in what my mama said deeply

surface level type of talks that make your heart heavy. 


Won’t you feel the same about the U.S. anthem?

I ask, looking directly at her. 


She says,

I honestly won’t miss or stand for the U.S. anthem because it doesn’t stand for me.


We continue our talk about the U.S. and other dark truths

I don’t have a home with coordinates.

My motherland is Mexico

home country is non existent


Where do I belong?