Arts & Culture

Be Brave: Advice from a Native Feminist Artist Dialogue

Jamie Randall, Director of American Indian Student Services
  1. Say your name. Say it with the music of your tongue, in places where it does not belong, which will be almost everywhere, dear one. 


  1. Play all the roles. The shapes and curves that you have never before seen, on stages and streets your feet have never touched. Unapologetically, claim your space in this scene. 


  1. See the dimensions of yourself. See them writing the stories that echo in your ears, turning up the songs that move your blood, and building the places you remember. 


  1. Send your essence into the world. Let it seek its counterpoint in others, and run so far that it no longer belongs to your bones alone. Let it demand to be seen and take form where only ether had been. 


  1. Open the path for others. Pluck their earnest hesitations from the walls that line the path and teach them how to shatter them upon the ground. Laugh together as you feel the shards scattered around your feet. 


  1. Write the truth you know, as you know it, and how you know it. Push away the lies that burden the bodies of us all. Paint over them with your words, building layers to climb. 


  1. Let your soul feel the ache of what has been missing. Close your eyes and feel the wholeness of you as your tired depths are buoyed by the embrace of this love.