ADSG Semester Wrap-Up

Jose Perales, ADSG PR Officer

“I can’t believe that we are halfway done” said Day Student Body Vice President, Lucia Davila as Augsburg Day Student Government (ADSG) met for the final time for this semester on Wednesday, Dec. 11.  

A lot has been accomplished in ADSG’s first semester, and the foundation has been created for the second semester. Most senators and executive officers will continue to their second term, keeping their foot on the pedal throughout the winter break. We will be taking some time during the break to reflect, discuss and make any adjustments necessary so we can continue to align our goals with the Day Student Body.

Taking a look back, ADSG has approved a total of 60 grants through the Finance Committee.  36 of these were chartered grants, 17 were commissioned grants, six were travel grants, and one was an emergency grant for a total of $55,279.94 in new programming initiatives and events for student organizations. From the long-term grant fund, ADSG has allocated $6,000 to fund the school’s adoption of Maxiant, a software that centralizes reporting and recordkeeping to help connect the dots related to a student’s conduct and well-being. The new software will fully be implemented and in use by next fall. 

This semester, ADSG has also passed two resolutions. The first resolution was the “Vector Resolution to ban vector marketing from tabling on Campus​” and was brought forward by Kelton Holsen, as previously reported in the Echo. It essentially states that ADSG on behalf of the Day Student Body strongly requested that the Event’s Office rescind Vector Marketing’s tabling permit due to accusations that the company was harmfully targeting students on campus. Once the resolution was passed by ADSG, it was passed along to University Events, who ultimately decided to rescind Vector Marketing’s tabling permit.

The second resolution was titled “Trans Day of Remembrance.” The resolution was brought forward by newly appointed Senior Class Senator Lary Lopez and states that ADSG, on behalf of the Day Student Body, stands with the transgender & gender non-conforming/binary communities here at Augsburg and acknowledges Nov. 20 as Transgender Day of Remembrance.

ADSG and the Day Student Body also sat down with Chief Operating Officer Rebecca John, Director of Public Safety Scott Brownell and formerly Vice President of Student Affairs Ann Garvey at our first Town Hall Meeting. The event included an open forum to discuss the Department of Public Safety’s new parking policy, as parking is one of the most common student concerns that ADSG receives. The town hall provided a chance for students to ask questions directly to those who oversee and control parking on campus. ADSG plans to schedule a second town hall meeting for the spring semester.

Lastly, Alex Abraha, the new Assistant Director of Campus Life and co-advisor to Student Government, presented and facilitated a workshop for the members of ADSG on addressing sexism and racism in leadership. The purpose of this workshop was to acknowledge and learn about these issues that could occur at any level of leadership as well as to encourage ADSG to think of possible ways to prevent this within our own organization. As student leaders in the Augsburg community, the members of ADSG are always striving to challenge themselves and uphold high standards to best serve the student body. ADSG will converge on Jan. 18 for our Spring Retreat to do more work on this topic with our own members.