Ode to Adrenaline

Emma Titus, Contributor 

About the poet:

Emma Titus is a first year at Augsburg University. She is a Studio Art major and she enjoys listening to music, drawing, writing, and watching tv in her free time. 



that feeling that you get

when you’re slowly inching up

and just about to reach the top

but then stopping 



right when you’re at the climax

like you’re looking down at the whole world

not knowing what’s going to happen next

but knowing it’ll be down and up and down again



the marathon of thoughts 

running through your head

and the bleak white emptiness

of decision-less making

knowing there are thoughts

but not thinking



of your stomach pulled up in your throat

like your organs are being rearranged

going down into the unknown


excitement of uncertainty

not knowing what’s to come

uncertainty recklessness and fear

adrenaline pulsing through your veins

giving a rush like ecstasy