Arts & Culture

Another Day

By: Ezra Bebop



another day come and gone!

more missed emails and unsent texts 

some are fresh-like, 1-2 business days 

some are like the rotten banana in my backpack 


another day come and gone! 

more longing/pining/suffocating 

more staring/looking away/turning around

more dreams/confusion/lies 


Pretending the world didn’t end with you

Pretending our ashy hands can bind screaming sirens 

Pretending they beckon a hero and not black and white doom

Pretending I had words left to say 



another day has come and gone 


without you 

i don’t know when another 

will ever come again



Ezra Bebop is a third-year creative writing major and visual artist. Born in Georgia and raised in Minneapolis, Ezra seeks to motivate folk to reflect within themselves and empower their own communities through his artistic works. You can find more of his music, poetry, and other visual arts on his Instagram @EzraBebop