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To (about) My Birth Mother

by Jacey Mismash

sometimes I think about her— 



my mother before my mom, 

my keeper who couldn’t keep me

molded my body within hers

made sure I was safe 

Without her. 


a farmer’s daughter,

an adolescent with adult decisions

another reason I’m alive

across the globe but always

With me. 


right when she had me,

right when I felt her touch,

right when she let me go,

right then I knew she loved me.

When does that love end?


is her heart beating?

is she laughing?

if she saw me would she know me?

in her soul does she feel me?

What am I to her?

and I want her to be happy.

and I want her to love each breath she takes.

and I want her to feel like the sun shines for her.

and I want her to want me— 


What more could I ask for?



Author Bio

Jacey is a second year at Augsburg studying education, but in her free time she writes poetry because she feels that words and stories impact people far beyond what writers can expect.