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Artist Spotlight: Mallory Ferguson

Headshot of Mallory taken by  Courtney Perry

My name is Mallory Ferguson. I spent my life growing up in the West and South sides of Chicago. My eye for artistry comes from my hunger to tell the stories I want to be heard.


Landscape side view, photo of Josh Cobbler taken 02/20

This is one of my favorite shots of my friend Josh. I love the way I edited this photo and highlighted his skin. This photo really makes me proud of myself being from Chicago, and having an eye for photography has connected me with some really great people and allowed me to create a name for myself.

Amandla, photo of Jenny and family taken 05/20
Tazz Shines, photo of Tazz Bently taken 06/20

This is a photo of my great friend Jenny and her family. Her daughter’s name is Amandla. I have a Yorkie, and their family took him in my troubles.




This was one of the last photo sessions I did this previous summer. I was worried about the lighting, but all we had to do was walk a little further and the light began to shine in our favor. This young lady‘s name is Tazz.




Presko’s optimism, photo of Presko Hanson taken 06/20
Lateral Thinking, photo of a mural in Leimert Park in Los Angeles taken 08/20