Americans Need Their Stimulus Checks!

Azu Esparza Hernandez, opinions editor

One month has passed since President Biden has been in office and almost a year since the first stimulus checks were distributed to Americans. The question is, when will the next one appear? I believe that these stimulus checks should be top priority for the administration. It is clear that they will aid Americans greatly through the economic difficulties that the pandemic has brought on. 

There is a definite sense of urgency for these stimulus checks as situations get rougher in various parts of the country. For example, thousands of Texans have suffered through a brutal snowstorm that the state was not equipped for. A stimulus check could help them recuperate from unexpected expenses and electricity bill increases that they were forced to pay in order to survive mother nature.

How would Auggies benefit from a stimulus check? The immediate response from students was overwhelmingly similar. They would use it to pay off their student loans or use it towards their next tuition payment. However, some of the other responses were smaller things such as groceries or even some new clothes. Regardless of the use, a stimulus check is sure to go a long way. 

The argument over different amounts of money in the stimulus checks seems insignificant at this point in time. Although there is a big difference between $1,200 and $2,600, Americans deserve any and all help they can receive. What is necessary is for Americans to receive any support that they can, as soon as they can. However, these feelings are not necessarily reflected in our politician’s actions. The indifference and lack of urgency that some politicians display towards this topic is unacceptable. Representatives are supposed to work for the people and help them out in desperate times. Right now, times are more desperate than ever before. 

What would you do with a stimulus check? Let your representatives know. Let your voice be heard. You deserve help through these unprecedented times.