Athletics “Anticlimactic” in Pandemic

Nyasa HM, contributor

Nearing the eleventh month of the pandemic in the US, it comes with great joy to see many Augsburg athletes going back to their seasons as planned. Through the harsh winter days and unpredictability of COVID-19, our athletes have had little time to catch their breaths. Figuratively, and literally with the extra layer of masks around their faces. 

For many athletes, this year has been filled with practices, but few games. With relatively low COVID-19 positives, athletes are divided in regards to whether the low amount of games is preferred to having many games with increased risk. One student gave her own take on the matter.

Lindsey Trotter, an Augsburg hockey player, described this year’s season as “anticlimactic.” Although not many games have been canceled for Augsburg hockey, Trotter contemplated her hopes and disappointments of the year over our remote interview. Four of her teammates contracted COVID during the year, but practices had remained relatively consistent, even if games hadn’t. More than anything, Trotter says that the masks are the biggest struggle because, “with hockey being a high contact sport, they don’t even stay on. They totally take away your peripheral vision. Luckily, we don’t have to wear them for games.” 

The year began with athletes not knowing whether they would get the chance to play the sports they love at all. Through the cancellations and postponements of games along with the spread of vaccines, I personally am hopeful for the athletes that there will be days coming where Augsburg can give all their students a safe opportunity to play. As far as Trotter’s experience, this season has strengthened her team bonds and her mentality in life to “work with what you have, and let go of what you can’t control.” Without a doubt, these moments in athletic history will be a reminder for the athletes and fans of Augsburg sports to not take anything for granted. 

Work with what you have, and let go of what you can’t control.

Lindsey Trotter, Augsburg hockey player