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Artist Spotlight: Tho Vu

A photo of Tho Vu.

Hello everyone, I am in my 3rd year, majoring in graphic design and minoring in marketing. A lot of my pieces that I have done are inspired by my love for my culture since I was born and raised in Vietnam. I also like to draw things that inspire me in my everyday life like TV shows, foods, and music. I used art as a way to express myself and showcase my personality, so I tend to use a lot of bright colors and not stick to one art style. I mostly do digital arts, but other mediums that I love to use are colored pencils, paints, and pens. 

If you like some of my artworks, check out my other handles:

Etsy shop: ArtsyvuShop

Art Instagram: @ArtsyvuShop

Here are some of the logos/pieces that I have done for Augsburg; AASA (Augsburg Asian Student Association), PASS (Pan-Asian Student Services), and other events.