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Grab Deltarune Chapter 2 by the [[Silly Strings]]

Xera Britt, staff writer

HEY EVRY    !  IT’S ME, Xe-XERA B. XERA! And have I got the deal of a lifetime for you in this week’s GG AND ME! [APPLAUSE]

Avid fans and followers of the game developer Toby “Radiation” Fox were recently and pleasantly surprised with the release of Deltarune Chapter 2, and let me be the first to say the [HYPE] is [Incredibly Warranted!] 

If anyone is unfamiliar with the series, Deltarune follows the human Kris and their comrades, including the menacing reptile Susie and the fluffiest boy Ralsei, in their journey through mysterious realms known as Dark Worlds to shut down the dark Fountains that spawned them. In Chapter 1, the Dark World centered around board and card game iconography, but this time Fox turns to the Internet for Chapter 2’s inspiration. Chapter 2 is packed with new villains, new music, new story, new characters and a heaping pile of jokes that originate from cyberspace to terrorize our heroes. 

I recently played my first run through the game to see for myself what Fox had in store, and I was delighted with the experience I found. Though it starts slow, with optional [and HELPFUL] tutorials in the Castle Town hub world, the game quickly dives in – and Fox starts STRONG with the introduction of this Chapter’s villain: Queen. Queen is a computer, but takes a form similar to the villain in Chapter 1. In contrast with the Chaos King’s more typical “big bad evil guy” demeanor, Queen’s personality is more chaotic and sassy, a real riot of a character throughout the entire Chapter. Fox’s writing in this chapter is top notch, and Queen is a pure display of writing AND comedy genius, in my [HonestMan] opinion. Queen is joined by a cast of new and old characters that are sure to get a laugh, giggle or maybe even a tear out of you. My favorite character, you ask? Well, let’s just say he’s kind of a [BIG SHOT]! And for those of you that miss the more morbid path you could take in Undertale, you’d be happy to know that Fox has a Weird Route just for you.

The soundtrack is, once again, off-the-walls amazing. One of the first songs you hear starts as a simple rhythm puzzle that eventually blossoms into a horizon view of this new world, and it is not only beautiful, but exciting. If there is one thing Fox is good at consistently, it’s writing amazing music! I have several tracks that became immediate favorites as I played. 

Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1 are well-known for their catchy music, iconic and meme-worthy characters, and a story that intrigues and invites you in, and Chapter 2 is no different. If you’re the gaming type, I can’t recommend a game more than this. And what’s more? Fox has released it for FREE to download for PC at or Steam, and on Switch and PS4 for you console types. For you [Non-Gamer] [Lonely hearts] out there, I implore you to listen to some of the OST, watch a let’s play or indulge in the memes the fandom has created [Insanely] quick. This series has only just begun and it is already one of my, and many others’, favorites. Now’s YOUR chance to be a BIG SHOT, with Deltarune Chapter 2!