Competition Brings Womens Basketball to Chicago

Alexa Martin, staff writer

The Augsburg Womens basketball team took a road trip to Chicago last weekend where they went up against the University of Chicago and lost 55-60. Although winning is always a goal, it does not always determine the success that can be achieved from a team bonding experience like this one. 

The team reportedly spent the whole three days together, eating meals, in the hotels and riding the bus there and back, and in doing so, got to know each other a little better. “When you spend that kind of time together you get to know each other much better than you normally would,” Head Coach Ted Riverso told the Echo about the experience. “It was a good trip for us to get early season chemistry going.” 

This trip not only allowed for the team to go against an opponent outside of their conference, it also gave the team more opportunities to learn more about the world outside of Augsburg. “So many of our players have never been to Chicago so this was their chance to see the city,” said Riverso. “After the game on Saturday, they had time to walk around and experience the city. The sheer volume of things is so much greater than that of Minneapolis. We talked about the University of Chicago, its foundations, its heritage, and the connections that Augsburg has with the University. […] We always try to add a cultural point and educational point to our trips and I think we accomplished both of those things on this trip.”

During the game against the University of Chicago, the Auggies kept it close throughout until the 4th quarter where they were outscored 13 to 21. The Auggies had great performances from Grace Eastman who had 16 points, Jaley Coplin who had 15 points, and Selena Lor who had 14. Jen Masello in her return to her home state had four points to go along with eight rebounds.

Needless to say, this trip for the Augsburg Womens Basketball team was beneficial in multiple ways for the team.  Experiences like this one are memories that will stay with the athletes forever. The team will return home on Dec. 4 and play against Carleton College.